Life Coaching Program
ONE ON ONE: a focused one on one conversation with the purpose of accelerating individual development.
Over these conversations we hope to gain clarity through expanding awareness, setting intentions, stepping up-to challenges, making commitments, and accepting accountability. I will support you in facilitating the changes that will lead to these desired results; and as would be expected all conversations are held in confidence.

Team Coaching: Life Coaching geared to support your team or existing group.
Helping your group to become more efficient through the discovery of shared goals, common strengths and values. Promoting a collective or united identity will act as a catalyst for spectacular performance.

Goal Masters: Our program services both the group and the individual through One on One coaching and Team sessions.
Group modules are blended with confidential, individual coaching sessions; to maximize the potential for your organization. When individual team members discover there unique strengths they become aware of the contributions they offer to the group. Collectively such a group is unstoppable in their common pursuits.

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